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This is an example of how one fully realistic ATLAS analysis code is executed. The analysis is the Higgs to WW analysis and it includes all the required corrections. It is based on the RootCore framework and runs on SMWZ ntuples. It may be downloaded from here: (90MB compressed, compiled will be more than 250 MB).

Table of Contents

Start by setting up ALRB

export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/
source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/

Download and unzip the analysis example

unzip AnalysisExample
cd AnalysisExample

Setup a desired Athena release

asetup 17.2.7,single,here,slc5

Configure all the packages

cd RootCore
cd ..


Setup RootCore

. RootCore/scripts/


Recompile (this can take more than ten minutes)



Finally to run the job do:

cd HWWlvlvCode/Run/
./ 125 Nominal
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