FreeNX is installed on To connect, you will need an NX client installed on your local machine. These instructions use the free version of the NoMachine 4 client software, available here.

Set up new connection

In order to connect to an NX server using the NoMachine client, you must first set up a new connection. The settings for connecting to are as follows:

Protocol: SSH
Port: 22
Login: Use the NoMachine login
Proxy: Don't use a proxy

Start the NoMachine client. From the "Recent Connections" screen, click either "New" or "Click here to create a new connection" to create a new connection.

Select SSH as the protocol and click "Continue".

Enter "" in the Host field; the Port field should already be 22 from the previous screen. Click "Continue".

Click "Use the NoMachine login" and click "Continue".

Leave the "Use an alternate server key" unticked and click "Continue".

Click "Don't use a proxy" and click "Continue".

Enter a name for the connection and click "Done" to finish setting up the connection.

Log in to NX server

After you have set up the connection for uct2-nx01, connect to the NX server using your ATLAS Connect username and password.

From the "Recent Connections" screen, select the connection for and click "Connect".

Enter your ATLAS Connect username and password in the appropriate fields and click "OK".

To start a new virtual desktop, select "Create a new GNOME virtual desktop" and click "Continue". Currently only the GNOME desktop environment is available on