Introduction to CMS Connect

In order to use CMS Connect: 

  1. Sign Up first

  2. Follow these instructions: CMS Connect Quickstart

CMS Connect is a service that aims to provide CMS users Tier 3-Like access to any resources available (via this service) for non-CRAB 3 workflows, e.g late-stage non-cmsRun analysis jobs.

It is based on the CI-Connect Platform developed by the OSG Area Coordinator of Campus Infrastructures Rob Gardner and his team at the University of Chicago. CI Connect offers several capabilities leveraging technologies on well-known projects like GlobusHTCondor and other HTC and data sharing technologies and allowing a home campus identity infrastructure via  CILogon and InCommon Federation Services. See this link for more details on this platform.

Figure 1 shows a basic schematic for this platform. Where the Portal ( and login node ( for EL7) are hosted and handled by the University of Chicago. The Job Routing is configured to flock jobs over the CMS GlideInWMS Pool.

Additionally, all jobs are reported to the CMS Dashboard in order to keep track of resource usability and for user's convenience. See the following link for more details

Figure 1: CMS Connect schematic.

Reference Links

CI Connect Platform:

Evolving Options for Campus Grids (Rob Gardner at OSG-AHM 2015)