Start a Project with CMS Connect

Note: You only need to read this section if you belong to more than one project in CMS Connect.

Projects are the way CMS Connect organize individual research groups. This provides proper accounting and access to resources. CMS itself is a project in OSG, and each USCMS Institution is a sub-project of this. If you are part of more than one Institution or Project, you can choose the project name you would like to use while submitting your jobs.

Here is a summary of all existing projects in CMS Connect and the Institutions associated with them. 

ProjectName in HTCondor

The chosen ProjectName in HTCondor for jobs from this project have the convention:


The submit files must include this directive or the jobs will not be submitted by CMS Connect. If no ProjectName is provided in the condor submit file, the user default project will be used.

You can see what your default project in the following file while logging to


Accounting Name


The project's resource usage appears in the CMS Connect accounting system (Gratia) with its name converted to ALL CAPS. For example, a project named cms-org-nd would become CMS-ORG-ND in Gratia.