Using WorkQueue

The CMS Dashboard implementation doesn't currently work with WorkQueue[1], so you need to disable it. This can be done by simply exporting CONDOR_CMS_DASHBOARD to False before starting your workers. You will also need to define the Sites you want to run at via DESIRED_Sites. If this attribute is not set, US T2 and T3 Sites will be set by Default. Here is an example

where <config.json> provides the project name (master-name) and the resource configuration you would like for your workers:

Connecting your Workers with a Master in a remote network behind a firewall

If you happen to have a WQ master on a machine in a remote network sitting behind a firewall but you still can ssh to it from, you can do so through an ssh-tunnel and foremen.

  1. First, you need to find out your Master port number. You can do so by querying work_queue_status from any machine with cctools setup. You can use -M to define the project name.

  2. Now, you can create an ssh-tunnel from

  3. To start a foreman

    you can start more by increasing the foreman-name counter tau_v29-1 to tau_v29-2, tau_v29-3,  etc.

  4. Your foremen should connect to your Master as Workers. You can verify that with work_queue_status as in the first step.

  5.  Now, you can run your factory as usual. Here is a configuration example:

    Note: You would need to define your foremen in the configuration. Here is an example for illustration purporses, but refer to [ 1 ] for more information

[ 1 ]