Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my disk quota?

Home Area
At present, the quota information is written and periodically updated in a file named: .quotareport inside your home area.  E.g.: 

$ cat $HOME/.quotareport
File system quota report
│ User     │   Blocks Used (GB) │   Blocks Quota (GB) │   Total Files (#) │   Quota Used (%) │
│ khurtado │               34.3 │                  50 │            532746 │            68.59 │

Stash Area
There is no disk quota imposed, nor an automatic purge, on stash. However, the data on stash is not backed up, so you should regularly transfer your data on stash to a long term archival system.

How can I see what resources are available in the Global Pool?

Claimed and Unclaimed CPUs per Site can be seen at the Global Pool UCSD monitor:

Additionally, you can see all Production and Analysis jobs submitted and running in the Global Pool here:

Are there any restrictions per user on the number of jobs that can be submitted and running in the system?

There is currently a limit of 100,000 jobs submitted per user in the queue, 20,000 per submission and a total limit of 10,000 running jobs from all users. 

Is there any example tutorial to submit analysis jobs to CMS Connect?

Yes, please can follow the 2 links below for this. The first is a general tutorial example on how to submit condor jobs to the system and the second one provides a CMSSW analysis example.

Quick Condor Tutorial

CMSSW Analysis example