Stash: The OSG Connect storage service


Stash ( is a temporary data storage solution for your data workflow to accelerate access to cycles.  Use Stash to pre-stage job input datasets or write output files when they in aggregate they exceed more than what can be comfortably handled out of your home directory (e.g. on the host).   This will vary depending on the job type, but typically this occurs in the range of a few hundred megabytes to gigabytes. You can retrieve your job output from Stash at a later time, transferring the data wherever you store your precious datasets.


If you have datasets on your campus' storage system, by far the easiest method is to use Globus Online as the file transfer service.  

Stash is mounted on all CMS Connect submit nodes ( at /data, and is visible to workers via Parrot/Chirp. The portion of your Stash designated public is also available directly on the WWW as

Projects have stashes, too!  A project's public stash can be found at


At present, the storage service is offered as a free scratch-like storage service and there are no user quotas.  When space on the system becomes tight, files will be removed on a simple least-recently-used basis.